My Why

Hi, Im Shelley and I am the designer of the Explore Some More sunsmart shirts.

I have a love for the outdoors, so much so I packed up my family and emigrated from the UK to Australia in 2017 seeking a better lifestyle. 

I quickly realised that our love of spending time outdoors in Australia came with high risks. 

Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world so I had to make sure my family and I were sunsafe. My kids and husband love fishing so they were easy. The market is saturated with fishing shirts. But what about women?

I found it really hard to find sunsmart clothes for women. They were all very plain and boring or had pictures of fish, or fishing quotes on them. 

I wanted something I could wear all of the time whether I was watching the kids at the skatepark, taking the dog for a walk or on a family bike ride and so I decided to create my own. I hope you like them ♥️

REMEMBER - being sunsmart isnt just about when you are at the beach or out fishing. Its all day every day.