ARPANSA Certified

At Explore Some More it was important to us that we had our sunshirt designs tested by ARPANSA (Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency). We wanted to ensure we met the Australian 2020 Standard, which specifies that garments must be tested by an accredited lab in order to display a UPF label.

We wanted to make sure that we were providing our customers with as much information as possible when it came to the level of protection our sunshirts had to offer and ARPANSA ensures the accuracy and reliability of UPF ratings for sunsmart clothing in Australia.

Our 2 designs are made from the same material, 100% polyester, however the designs are very different and colours can effect the results of the UV radiation testing.

This is why our UPF50 Pink and Blue tropical design which consists of dark colours throughout has been rated higher then our UPF30 Ocean waves design which has alot more of the white material visable.

Whilst UPF50 is considered excellent protection and blocks out over 98% of UV radiation you can still be confident in wearing the UPF30 sunshirt which blocks about 96.7% of UV radiation and is classified as providing a good level of protection.

For more inforation please check out the ARPANSA website